OMG! Litecoin! is an independent cryptocurrency blog. Our chief aim is to make cryptocurrency more comprehensible for normal human beings. 

We cover various topics related to cryptocurrency. We also look at the deeper implications of recent cryptocurrency market developments, relaying what these might mean for the crypto community and our readers.


Fewer Ads, More Insights

At OMG! Litecoin! we don’t fill every free pixel of screen space with ads like other cryptocurrency blogs. Instead, we focus on posting high-quality op-eds, which are easy to read for even new-to-market investors.

Hire Freelancers With Cryptocurrency

Broader adoption is key to the future of cryptocurrency. However, coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin are still predominantly treated like speculative investments.

OMG! Litecoin! hopes to encourage wider adoption of cryptocurrency — Specifically, among online freelancers. 

Independent online workers are often victims of chargeback fraud, non-payment, and experience poor job security on centralized freelance platforms. A decentralized, cryptocurrency-based freelance platform could solve these problems. 

While a few cryptocurrency based freelance platforms do exist, none cater fully to the needs of professional freelancers or their clients. Because of this, OMG! Litecoin! hopes to one day host a private freelancer listing service for top freelancers with expertise in web design and digital marketing. 

A concept and fundraising page showing what such a listing service might look like, can be found below. In the meantime, you can hire me directly by clicking below also. See my professional profile to find out more. 

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