3 Best Multi-Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets 2019

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Don't Leave Crypto Security to Chance

Every App & Desktop Wallet Can Be Hacked

All Android & IOS Devices Have Built-In Back Doors

Modern Windows Logs Keystrokes & Audio

Private keys in app wallets are not secure

Only reputable hardware wallets are 100% secure

Learn How To Store Cryptocurrency safely

Follow the Following Hardware Wallet/Cold Storage Tips to Stay Safe


Buy a Hardware Wallet or Create a Paper Wallet Before Buying Crypto


Only Buy Wallets Direct From Reputable Wallet Manufacturers 


Make Sure the Wallet You Choose Supports all Coins You Invest In


Only Export Coins to Wallets After Backing Up Device Seed Keys

Ledger Nano S. Protect your crypto assets with the Worlds most popular hardware wallet

The Ledger Nano S the most reliable and cost-effective cold storage medium for everyday cryptocurrency investors. The Nano Ledger S is built around a secure chip which is impervious to hacking — Even when lost or connected to a virus infected PC. In effect, every Ledger Nano S is a mini Swiss safety deposit box - Just at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing Plans

Go with your right one


83.49 EUR

Per Device

  • World's First Hardware Wallet
  • Non-Powered for Extra Security
  • Multi-coin Support
  • Easy to Backup

Nano Ledger S

59.99 EUR

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  • The Industry Standard
  • Supports Top Market Cap & ICO Coins
  • Loss & Hack Proof
  • Free Worldwide Shipping

Archos Mini

49.99 EUR

Per Device

  • Trusted Manufacturer
  • Good Coin Support
  • Uses Malware Safeguards
  • New but Approved of by Top Youtubers

Hands on with The ledger Nano s

Never Buy From eBay

Always buy hardware wallets directly from manufacturers. Wallets sold in eBay and other marketplaces can be tampered with.

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