Hodlonaut to Sue CSW (Craig Wright) in Norway

Hodlonaut to Sue CSW (Craig Wright) in Norway

Craig Steven Wright’s days as the most contentious figure in the cryptocurrency community may be numbered. In April this year, Calvin Ayre owned blog CoinGeek, issued a $5.000 Bitcoin SV Fatwa against the then-anonymous cryptocurrency commentator Hodlonaut. Wright and friends wanted Hodlonaut doxxed. This way Craig Wright could sue the Twitter user for claiming that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. However, a move by Hodlonaut to sue CSW in Norway is now underway in retaliation.

Hodlonaut to Sue CSW – What do We Know So Far?

A plan by Hodlonuat to sue CSW in Norway has been confirmed by Hodlonaut on Twitter. However, Hodlonuat has so far refused to divulge any case specifics.

“Regarding the legal situation, all I can state at this point is that I have issued proceedings against Craig Wright in Norway.”

Likely, Hodlonaut intends to act with more dignity and reserve than Craig Wright himself. Wright, after all, recently launched a scathing Medium attack on Ira Kleiman, who is suing Wright in Florida for alleged fraud.

Craig Wrights Increasingly PR Damaging Court Cases

At present, Craig Wright is due to appear in court in Florida charged with the alleged theft of several million Bitcoin from the estate of Dave Kleiman. This case consistently draws negative PR for CSW. This is because Wright has famously attempted to avoid complying with basic court discovery processes.

CSW is also suing crypto blogging whizz Peter McCormack in the UK. Like with Hodlonaut, Wright’s supporters are accusing McCormack of behaving in a libelous way toward Wright. Specifically, by stating that Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.

How Much CSW Contention will n-Chain and Calvin Ayre Tolerate?

For all his faults, Craig Wright is adept at fighting several legal battles at once. However, this is only the result of unwavering moral (and presumably) financial backing by Bitcoin SV proponents n-Chain and Calvin Ayre. At some point, though, both parties may begin to consider supporting Craig Wright more trouble than it is worth.

Bitcoin SV is developed by n-Chain and chiefly supported by Calvin Ayre. Bizarrely, CSW only really serves as BSV’s poster boy. (Thanks to Wright claiming he is Satoshi Nakamoto.) However, BSV will arguably fair far better without CSW being linked to the cryptocurrency. This is especially true now that Facebook has revealed its so-called Facebook Coin, ‘Libra.’

Libra completely eliminates the use case of BSV. Worse, as demonstrated by a recent spat with Trijo News, Craig Wright seems determined to make new enemies in the cryptocurrency community on a daily basis.

Evidence Already Suggests n-Chain Wants CSW Satoshi Controversy Over

Will n-Chain eventually drop Craig Wright to preserve the legitimacy of Bitcoin SV? The proposition itself is entirely speculative. However, we do know from footage of past events, that n-Chain’s Jimmy Nguyen wants the Satoshi namesake saga over.

In the meantime, plans for Hodlonaut to sue CSW in Norway, are already being met with support from the cryptocurrency community. Now is, therefore, simply a waiting game to see how many legal challenges CSW is capable of surviving, in the name of preserving any credibility that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.


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