Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King – But What Happened to WhopperCoin?

Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King – But What Happened to WhopperCoin?

Now you can pay with Bitcoin at Burger King — Kind of. Now live in Germany, Bitcoin users and Bitcoin bag holders can use Bitcoin to order Burger King menu items online. Crypto pundits are, therefore, hailing the news as proof that mass adoption of cryptocurrency is closer than ever previously. However, this isn’t the first time that Burger King has attempted to tap the cryptocurrency payments market.

Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King Online or via the Burger King App

Launching exclusively in Germany, Bitcoin users can now purchase any Burger King menu item using Bitcoin. However, there is some confusion surrounding how to do so. Hopefully, we’ll be able to clarify matters.

How to Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King

To pay with Bitcoin at Burger King, Bitcoin users need to visit the official German Burger King website. Then users need to select Burger King’s delivery service option.

Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King

After navigating to the delivery service home page, users enter their postcode and start selecting menu items to order. When it comes to paying and confirming orders, users are then able to pay with Bitcoin, PayPal, and major credit cards.

How to Pay with Bitcoin at Burger King

Bitcoin Payment Support via the Burger King App

The Burger King home delivery service available via the Burger King desktop website is also available to German Burger King app users. However, several app users report not being able to see an option to pay with Bitcoin when using the app.

If it is the case that you can’t pay with Bitcoin using the Burger King app, make sure that the app is updated. Remember also, that Burger King customers can only pay with Bitcoin for home delivery food orders. It is not possible to pay via the app in-store for menu items.

Typically, Burger King also delivers within a 1.2Km distance of physical restaurant locations. This being the case, if you can’t see an option to pay with Bitcoin, you may be in an area where home delivery is not available.

Whooper Coin and Burger King’s Long History with Crypto

Starting to accept Bitcoin payments online is not the first time Burger King has shown interest in cryptocurrency.

In 2017, Burger King in Russia made headlines by releasing WhopperCoin. It was the height of the cryptocurrency markets (to date) most remarkable bull run. Burger King, therefore, set its sights on becoming part of the cryptocurrency revolution. To do this, Burger King set about launching its own cryptocurrency, WhopperCoin.

What is WhopperCoin?

Initially, Burger King in Russia released 1 billion WhopperCoin coins. This was part of a new loyalty scheme where customers would earn 1 WhopperCoin for every Ruble spent in Burger King restaurants.

At face value, WhopperCoin wasn’t that different to existing point reward schemes which are commonplace in the retail industry. After Russian fast food lovers had accrued 1,700 coins, they could use these to buy one of Burger Kings famous Whopper burgers. However, WhopperCoin was also traded on exchanges. Moreover, WhopperCoin listings still exist on exchanges like YoBit.

The idea seemed to be that by being connected to a major fast-food franchise, WhopperCoin would be seen as a profitable cryptocurrency investment. This is why Burger King capped the total number of coins in circulation at 1 billion. Like with Bitcoin, it was assumed that having a limited supply would see WhopperCoin increase in value as coins increased in scarcity.

Sadly, WhopperCoin started becoming all but obsolete during the so-called crypto winter of 2018. However, it is still possible to buy WhopperCoin and redeem coins for Whoppers in Russian Burger King restaurants.

Allowing Customers to Pay with Bitcoin is a Win for BTC Mass Adoption

Will WhopperCoin ever make a comeback? In real terms, it seems unlikely. However, Burger King’s move to allow people to pay with Bitcoin is a major win for the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

Every time a major retailer or brand embraces cryptocurrency, doing so builds trust among investors. More importantly, when big brands promote the fact that they accept cryptocurrency payments, doing so helps legitimize cryptocurrency in the minds of everyday members of the public.


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